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Aerobatic Aircraft
Did you know they make carbon planes that are similar to the purpose built approach of the ChampCar?
Walter's Extra aircraft (300L low wing aerobatic aircraft).   I approached the plane thing in the same way as race cars, lots of respect.
Misc. Ramblings on Aerobatic Aircraft.
Available Planes      N13DK N44DK
Previous..   N269SG, N663JC 
MX Stuff 1 2 3 Giles MXS Engine  MX2 Fuselage Interior Build Out  MX2 Wing Build Mid August Progress Visit Aug 18..Coming together
MX2 SN12 as received Build Help  Early October Progress End October Early November
Building Help       Cowling  Fuel System  Early January Mid January Paint Work Mid Feb  Early March Mid March April
Dynon Skyview May EndofMay Mid June starting paperwork End June just before inspection
Documentation July  Post C of A work    Testing and Tuning  Done AutoPilot Canopy WhirlWind Propeller
N44DK flew the morning of July 12.  She is now an aircraft.  Phase 1 done September 24, 2012.
Some of my favorite aerobatic video links Mark in SA, The View from Rob's Perspective. The Other Half of the SA Crew.
Amateur Hour  Smiling Irish Stemme S10-V
Tesla Model S
L39 Project
The Race Car Section
I found this footage which is the only recording I have of the 99 Shell car. 
Now this is a commercial worth watching!
All cars, spares and support equipment have been sold.
Click  HERE for more 96 pics or HERE for some more pictures and video
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Funny, I think this is how we qualified that year.  Check out the wing on that second car. 

What kind of driver needs all that downforce?    

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